Apr 162014

Someone’s birthday is just around the corner (mine!!!!) and to celebrate I am not only going to post a whole bunch of pics of those crazy sandwich cakes everyone in my head is always talking about, but I’m also gonna post pics of the TWO sandwich birthday cakes I made for myself this year.



Made of sandwich!

OK. Get ready to be dazzled with sandwich!





don’t worry i didn’t make anything like this




mayo sandwich cake ad

sand loaf 1

sand loaf 2

sweedish meal 2

Now for my very own sandwich birthday cakes!!!


This one had layers of smoked salmon cream cheese spread, shrimp, crab, sliced pickle and then smoked salmon and slices of lemon


For the icing I mixed a thing of cream cheese with about 1/4 or 1/3 c of sour cream and I thought it was a bit too soft and runny.

The second one I made I just whipped the cream cheese with a little bit of lemon juice and I really liked it a lot!  The texture and flavor were really good and the icing didn’t soak into the bread like the first one did.


And the inside also had smoke salmon spread and shrimp and more smoked salmon, but it also had grilled SPAM!  And I added more sliced lemon in cause I really liked that in the first one.


See how nicely that slices and holds together?  I highly recommend spreading the cream cheese and thinly as is humanly possible.

With both of these I used a rectangular loaf of bread and cut the crusts off.  The size of these cakes would be perfect for two people – with room for another kind of cake afterwards too!


Super num!!!!!

I am def making one of these for every single special occasion for the rest of my life!!!!  Seriously they were freaking good.

More birthday pizazz coming up!

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