May 192015

This is it!  The last Best of the Pillsbury Bake-Off post!  And I even included a grand prize winner and my very own fave recipe from the book.

choc almond balls

log cabin chicken pie


illus 4

mince bars



pb blossoms

these are my all time fave cookies in the book – so far

muffin 1

pb rolls


pineapple ring


plum coffee cake


plum nutty

I freaking love how they took the “cinna” in cinnamon and turned it into “cinema” for the illustrations!

rhu 1


rhu 2

special pies

shanghai casserole

i wanna make this real bad



turtle cookies

grand prize!!!!!!!!


upside down cakes

squiggly bowl




Now go make some Watermelon Tea-Ettes!!!!!!!  And send them to me!!!!!!!!!!

May 132015
Pillsbury's Best of the Bake-Off Pt 2

  Yesterday I launched a series of posts dedicated to this fabulous cookbook that spans a whole bunch of Pillsbury Bake-Offs.  If I am able to keep it together, I plan on doing multiple posts from this book cause I, not only, love the images in on and around it, but also I think there’s […]

May 102015
Pillsbury's Best of the Bake-Off

  I’d like to share some images from one of my all time fave cookbooks of all times.  I would say “today” but I have a feeling this might be spread over a few posts.  The cookbook is huge – as you can see in the cover pic it’s the best 1000 recipes.     […]

May 082015
Groovy Vinyl Contact Paper - Front and Back!!!!

Well evidently I’m on a roll.  I got on the posting wave and I’m riding it till I crash into the rocky shore, baby!!!  Or drown in the cesspool with the circling sea gulls over yonder.  Whichever comes first. I’m not feeling the need to gab much though so I’ll just move right along to […]

May 062015
Erotic Sexual Positions from Around The World

That’s right.  Craftypants Carol is here to teach you all the extra fancy ways to get it on. What you are about to feast your eyes on, IN IT’S ENTIRITY, is one of those rinky dink sex novelty items from a men’s bathroom sex novelty dispenser.  Why a men’s bathroom, you ask??? Why didn’t Crafty […]

Feb 112015
70s Grade School Class Photos

Yeah it’s been a while. I know. I’ve been swimming in the murky cesspool of no internet, driving to and fro, maniacal scanning and (as I just discovered) blocked access to my website cause the library wifi in Douglas County, OR is censoring pornography. And I’m all about the pornography.  Or at least I was. […]

Dec 242014
Tirol Chocolate Mega Christmas House

Yes, that’s right.  You are looking at one of the most awesome Japanese Christmas paper houses with candy EVER!!!!! And if you wanna see some up-closeness then just keep your googly eyes fixated right here! In my recent travels and wanderings I happened upon this item in a Japanese supermarket in LA. I found it online […]

Dec 232014
Mary Cullen's Christmas Cookies

A little while back I posted some ads from a 1953 Portland Oregon newspaper. One of the ads was for Mary Cullen’s freezer school. When I first saw it I not only thought that it was hilarious but I was also psyched cause I knew I had seen something from Mary Cullen before. Long ago, […]

Dec 222014
Merrie Christmas Cookbook

Today I have some incredibly gorgeous illustrations from a cookbook called The Merrie Christmas Cookbook. It’s a small hardcover that was put out in 1955 by the Peter Pauper Press. First some of the fab images…   and then some of the recipes from the canapé section… Num!!