May 012014
Big Gorilla Birthday Freakout!!!!!!

So a while back I did this here gorillas and the ladies they love post on National Gorilla Suit Day (man I really am just a holiday blog now aren’t I.  sheesh.) and in that post I mentioned that I might possibly do a follow up post, given that I have a proliferance of gorilla/monkey/ape/primate+lady/people [...]

Apr 202014
Easter Pics from the Olden Days

Last easter I tried my darndest to find some old Easter pics from my olde timey days of being a kid in the 70s, but all I could find were these Donald Duck blow up doll pics (which really was more of a bonus than anything if you ask me).  They happen to be pics [...]

Apr 192014
4/19-A Go Go - Hammond Organ Dance Party!!!!

It’s that time again! Time to celebrate my birthday by dancing the day and night away on a non stop roller coaster of fun with the whole rest of the world. Usually I create a special mix for this occasion – but there’s a bit of a time crunch at the old CPC fun factory [...]

Apr 162014
Sandwich Cakes

Someone’s birthday is just around the corner (mine!!!!) and to celebrate I am not only going to post a whole bunch of pics of those crazy sandwich cakes everyone in my head is always talking about, but I’m also gonna post pics of the TWO sandwich birthday cakes I made for myself this year. TWO! [...]

Mar 152014
Half Assed Irish Stuff for St. Patrick's Day

So yeah – I’ve become painfully aware that I’m laming out and basically only doing blog posts on the major holidays here – like Valentine’s Day and that holiday where we all roll around on the floor with our dresses tucked into our pantyhose. So I’ll continue with my new tradition of lameness and post [...]

Feb 142014
Vintage Valentines Seals Blow-up!!!

Man I just cannot get my shit together.  I’ve had these stickers and my remaining old valentines from like 2nd grade or whatever to post forEVER and SHEESH.  I just forget and forget and forget.  And I’ve even had Valentiners hanging out on my porch for weeks now in their Valentine costumes, singing Valentine songs [...]