Dec 242014
Tirol Chocolate Mega Christmas House

Yes, that’s right.  You are looking at one of the most awesome Japanese Christmas paper houses with candy EVER!!!!! And if you wanna see some up-closeness then just keep your googly eyes fixated right here! In my recent travels and wanderings I happened upon this item in a Japanese supermarket in LA. I found it online […]

Dec 232014
Mary Cullen's Christmas Cookies

A little while back I posted some ads from a 1953 Portland Oregon newspaper. One of the ads was for Mary Cullen’s freezer school. When I first saw it I not only thought that it was hilarious but I was also psyched cause I knew I had seen something from Mary Cullen before. Long ago, […]

Dec 222014
Merrie Christmas Cookbook

Today I have some incredibly gorgeous illustrations from a cookbook called The Merrie Christmas Cookbook. It’s a small hardcover that was put out in 1955 by the Peter Pauper Press. First some of the fab images…   and then some of the recipes from the canapé section… Num!!

Dec 212014
Holiday Recipes From Santa's Kitchen

Seriously.  This is directly from Santa’s Kitchen…via me…to you. Obv Santa and I are really good friends and he let me take these pics and then publish them in a pull-out cookbooklet in some 70s mag.  And now you can make all these fab treats yourself! Please note the teeny blown up pics of santa […]

Dec 202014
A Ticket to Romance...

Today I have a winter themed tale of romance that includes stewardesses, snow, passionate flaming kisses, a masquerade ball, free floating thought heads, and more kissing!  Mad, passionate kissing! So curl up next to the fire with your fuzzy slippers and read A Ticket to Romance from the March 1964 issue of Young Romance.

Dec 192014
More 80s Christmas Seals

Today I have yet another set of Christmas seals for you to print out and seal things with. These particular seals also allow you to announce to the world that you made something. On the back they also inform you of other uses for these seals… although I don’t know why you would want to […]

Dec 182014
Woman's Day Cookie Cookbook

From the Dec. 11, 1984 issue of Woman’s Day comes one of those pull-out style cookbooks.  They had tons of these through the 60s, 70s and 80s.  They were printed on paper that was more like kids construction paper than magazine paper, and could be easily cut out and saved for future cooking. So find […]

Dec 172014
Christmas Picture Paraphernalia 2 - Trimline and Slimline Cards

  Today we have some photo envelopes with fancy Christmas goings on on them!  Like turning your photos into Christmas cards!!  How exciting is that?!?!  And they have fancy names like Trimline and Slimline!           And then there’s just some envelopes with nifty Christmas images on them…   That’s it for […]

Dec 162014
Christmas Picture Paraphernalia

Around this time of year you see lots of these cute olde timey xmas pics.  I love seeing these pics and I love posting them.  But what I’m all about today is something you don’t see too often.  What you’re about to see today are some of the olde timey envelopes that these olde timey […]