Using A Massage Leads To Sexual Seduction

When a person is trying to get someone to sleep with them, they will do whatever they can to do so. Although you have some people that don’t really require much work to get them to have sex, others are not that way. Not every person out there is looking for a one night stand. Those people may present a bigger challenge when it comes to getting them to have sex with you. The same applies for when you want to seduce someone who may not otherwise be into you or the things you do. For instance, a lesbian girl could be trying to seduce a straight woman into having sex with her. This type of thing happens more often than people think. Proof of this can be found in the many porn videos dealing with this particular scenario.


Hundreds of top rated adult sites have thousands of hardcore porn videos with lesbians seducing a straight girl. There are also many variations of them that can be found online. In some cases, it could be a MILF or a mature woman trying desperately to entice a hot younger woman into lesbian sex. Others are of a sexy and beautiful maid being charmed into girl on girl sex. One popular story line in porn movies are those where a lusty babysitter is the one being targeted. While some of them are wooed by a lesbian woman, not all cases are the same. In fact, many of the babysitter hardcore porn videos found feature something else entirely. A large portion of them show them being tempted by men. It could be the man in the house who is smitten with the luscious teen babysitter. Or a young stud who has a mature woman for a nanny whom he dreams about fucking.


No matter what the scenario is, what really brings all of these stories together is how the deed is accomplished. The vast majority of these hardcore porn videos happen because of a massage. Using a massage as a way to break the ice and seduce someone is not new. It has been done for decades by men and women. A massage allows you to touch the other person without arousing suspicion. For instance, you may know a girl you been fantasizing about fucking for a long time. However, you never really had the opportunity or guts to let her know how you felt. Or perhaps you may have been afraid to do so. One day, while you are hanging out with her, she may tell you that her back hurts. Or that she is super stressed from things in life. This is the perfect moment for a person to make their move. Using the massage tactic, you can begin to try and seduce her into having sex with you.


The best thing about giving someone a massage is that it lets you touch their body without arousing suspicion. Although you may have ulterior motives to give someone a back or shoulder rub, they will not know it. Not unless you tell them so. That is exactly why massaging your way to a woman’s pussy works so well. This has been done in the literal sense by many. A lesbian woman could be the one giving an unsuspecting straight girl a massage. Using her hands, she will slowly begin to caress her shoulders and back. In some cases, people use massage oils to make it even better. The woman will work her way towards the straight girl’s tits. Before long, she is gently touching the other woman’s breasts. As the straight unsuspecting girl is getting a massage, she is also being aroused sexually.


In no time, the lesbian moves her hands towards the other girl’s pussy and massages that. Once that is achieved, the rest is history. A ton of the lesbian seduction porn videos show this happening. While the majority of them are professionally acted, not all are. Adult sites have a large number of homemade lesbian seduction porno films. The same goes for those showing a babysitter being seduced into sex by men. The reality is that using a massage to get into someone’s pussy is the best tool available. All it takes is some planning and playing your cards right. Of course you also have to be careful about how you go about it. Not everyone falls for this move and not all people can be seduced by a massage.


In the event that you want to try it on someone, it is best to see how others who have done it before you, actually carried it out. In the massage category, there are many massage porn videos to help you. Use the massage tactic to fuck the person you fantasize about.