5 Anal Sex Tips For First Timers

Anal sex is becoming more and more popular and more talked about. When entering into the realm of anal sex exploration, it’s important that you have some really good information to ensure that you do not create any injuries or any damage to that very delicate area of your anatomy.

A little-known fact for many people is that the anus is actually an erogenous zone. Yes, you heard that right. It’s designed for pleasure and the second highest concentration of nerve endings, next to the genitals. All types of human bodies can have anal orgasms. When done properly, anal stimulation can lead to orgasms for both male bodies and female bodies. Moreover, it’s a beautiful wonderful area to explore and be very medicinal for all human beings of all genital anatomy.

If you’re a first timer, we have five important tips for you. These tips are good for anal pleasure for all genders.


Warm Up

The first tip to having a good anal experience is making sure that you’re warmed up. This goes for both male and female genital anatomy. When it comes to male anatomy, you want to make sure that the limb is really hard or the guy’s really turned on. You don’t want to just start poking things in the anus without him being like receptive or hungry for desiring. Same for female anatomy, female bodies have as much erectile tissue internally as a man, but it can take anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes to fully engorged. So, you have to give it some time for that internal erectile tissue to fully engorge for the whole sexual anatomy to come on line.


Start Small

Start with a finger or a small sex toy. There are a variety of different sex toys you can use that are specifically designed for anal play. Just make sure that whatever you’re using has an ending on it because if you’re using something that doesn’t have a stopper, it can actually get sucked up into your rectum and could cause problems.


Use Lube

You have to use lube because the anus does not produce its own lubrication. The vagina does, the penis does, but the anus doesn’t and spit is just not sufficient. So you need to use some type of lubrication. If you’re using a condom, you may use natural organic lubes for more soothing, safe and really nice anal sex experience.

Go Slow

There’s no rush. You don’t just get in there so fast. If you’re using a sex toy, you can hold it at the opening and just gently massage the area and don’t force it in because you’ll cause damage if you do. There are three rings that make up the anal sphincter. You need to push through each of those three rings and the best way to do that is to gently massage in circular motions, work your way in and let the body open and receive as opposed to forcing the body.


Relax And Breathe

You have to relax. It’s not going to do you any good if you hold your breath, tighten up and contract. Your body is not going to open if you’re in a fight or freeze response. So, relaxing, breathing and going really slow are all very important. Also, you can combine sensations by connecting the pleasure from one point and the other point for a more awesome anal sex.

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