How To Optimize Your Sex Life During Pregnancy

Once you’re pregnant, obviously, there are lots of hormonal changes, your shape changes as well and libidos are going up or down. For a lot of woman, sex won’t be the first thing on their agenda. But their libidos might actually go up and might be getting rejection from their partners just because they’re pregnant. Whether they are showing or not can be hurtful and can put strain on the relationship.

The most common question of many couples is, is it normal that men stop enjoying sex or wanting sex whilst their partner is pregnant?

Experts suggest that it’s totally normal that some men might be put off by having sex with their pregnant wives for many reasons. The obvious reason is because a pregnant woman has changed physically or doesn’t look the same. That’s just the physical visual stuff. But then there are also some people that think they’re going to hurt the baby. While others find it awkward, uncomfortable and the positions are strange.

On the other hand, it’s also true that some men are actually turned on by this feminine body. It’s just kind of that quintessential visual of a woman in her most feminine state that some men are actually highly turned on. So, we can clearly say that everybody has their own unique erotic template that turns us on.

Following these tips can save and optimize your sex life and stay intimate during pregnancy;

Take The Pressure Off

You never know what you’re going to get when you are pregnant. You don’t know if you will get sick and uncomfortable. You might be feeling insecure about your appearance and thinking that you couldn’t do anything to make yourself look good. You just don’t feel attractive at all. It feels like a long time to have a strain on your sex life as a couple but your big perspective here is that, it’s a very short period of time in your life to be affected this way. So take the pressure off and communicate openly with your husband about everything you are feeling. It may help to share with him the experiences you may be going through physically and emotionally.

Be Creative

There are lots of things that you can do besides having actual intercourse. You can do all kinds of foreplay and change the places in the house that you do it. It’s just about getting creative about what you can do with this pregnant belly and how you’re going to use that in your sex life for fun.

Do It While You Can

Do it as long as you still feel comfortable doing it and as much as you can. Just remember, you’re not going to be able to have sex for six weeks after the baby is born. After that six weeks, most women are exhausted, hormonal, cranky and completely focused on baby. So sex life isn’t likely to return to normal for at least six months. So as long as you’re still able to enjoy and you still want to have sex when you’re pregnant, do it.

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