Things To Consider Before Losing Your Virginity

For most women, breaking their hymen is often dubbed as one of the most pivotal moments in their life.   It is a big deal no matter who you are.  But you will never know how pleasurable (and painful) it is until you’ve done it.

It is normal to feel nervous or get scared. You are no exception to that. If you’re still in doubt to do the deed for the first time, here are some things to consider which might help you decide:


  1. Your sexual health

For first-timers, it’s okay to be naïve about sex. It’s okay to ask lots of things about it. But it’s not okay to talk about it with some random people. You need to talk with a doctor.  You don’t have to worry about your privacy because whatever you discussed with your physician will stay inside their examination room.

Doctors can give you the right recommendations and medications accurate for your situation. Don’t feel weird talking to them about because they’ve heard more than vaginas and sex. Plus, they can teach you how to practice safe sex.


  1. Enough time

Time plays an essential role if you like to enjoy your first time. Be sure you have enough time with him/her alone. Plan ahead of time. When and where do you plan to spend your moments together before and after popping her cherry? Make sure you’re away from any interruptions.


  1. A protection

To safeguard yourself from STIs, purchase condoms or other types of sexual protection prior to your lovemaking session.

  1. Right place

Choose an ideal place to lose your virginity. Make it happen in a private room where you’ll feel comfortable such as a hotel room or your bedroom.

  1. Good foreplay

A good foreplay can set the mood. This will help a lot in preparing your physical aspects to the actual intercourse. Check whether he’s in commando or she’s wet already before thrusting in.

Chances are, you don’t have enough idea about it. Research from online resources or ask your doctor or closest friends with experience. You can learn a lot from them.


  1. Your expectations

Usually, first-time sex experience differs from one couple to another, depending on:

  • Your views and opinions in terms of sex
  • The scope of your knowledge regarding sex
  • How tired or alert you are
  • Whether both of you are virgins or not

Just don’t expect a lot from losing your virginity. Girls out there, don’t presume that it would turn out to be a magical moment. Just like your first kiss, it’s fun, exciting and fairly awkward. After gaining experience, you’ve tried the best kiss ever in your life. This is the same thing with sex. First-time is unforgettable, but beyond that is more enjoyable.

Final thoughts

Sex like love is worth waiting for. Do it at the right time, right place and the right person, someone who loves and trusts you. Respect your virginity but don’t set any high expectation to avoid regrets in the end.

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